We are a Team of Highly-Skilled Professionals


The FiA Group is a flexible construction partner able to help you deliver your project using two traditional methods.


The method where the project owner is already working with an architect or project consultant and with drawings in hand, invites several general contractors to price his/her project based on supplied drawings. Oftentimes, the lowest bidder wins and is awarded the project to be completed by within a certain schedule.


A team-based and more collaborative approach, the CM model is the preferred model our clients use to effectively and efficiently deliver their construction projects. FiA provides the skills and experience to deliver the critical services in each of the 3 phases of construction :


Planning. Budgeting. Planning. More budgeting! Clients have a vision of what they want their new space to look like. Cost and resource-centric, our emphasis, together with the project team, is to get into the Client’s head, visualize the abstract, assemble the skills and materials to finally turn steel and drywall into an elegant blend of art and functional workspace.


From here to occupancy, focus is on building to plan, staying on top of our budget and ahead of our milestones as we move from the abstract to the tangible. Our Clients come along for the ride every step of the way. After all, we’re in this together.


We’ve arrived! Where are the keys to the place? How do you turn on the lights? Who turned off the heat! FiA will get you settled in time for you to re-open for business.

Reception Framing

Ground Floor facility requiring 66 core holes and slab trenching, new plumbing and gas lines throughout

New filzfelt panels

Project included demolition of all architectural finishes, mechanical and electrical decommissioning

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