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More than a project team, FiA’s project execution teams, together with a combined 185 years of construction experience, are hands-on drivers of material and labour on site.

As your project evolves, they set their sites on controlling costs and staying the course.

With significant investments in its people and technology, FiA has assembled a wholly competent and experienced group of stars that will take your project under their wing and champion it to success.


Michel Larocque

Assumes ownership, coordinates all required trades and delivers effective results with little to no disruption to the client’s daily activities.

Crae Creswell

A seasoned constructor erecting towers or fitting up new tenant spaces, Crae runs entire site teams to schedule, design and budget.

Charles Gauthier

A veteran in the commercial interiors industry, Charles is a hands-on site manager and a stickler for transparency and open communication with building manager ensuring all players are on board to meet the project’s objectives.

Cheryl Philibert

A site super bringing national experience to commercial fit-ups, Cheryl runs organized, detailed and wellexecuted sites. Careful pre-planning and project controls help ensure quality and on-time delivery.

Diane Doucet

A Senior PM at FiA, Diane’s strengths lie in diving deep into a project’s drawings and specifications to ensuring construction is accurate and to specification. Strongly committed to established project milestones, Diane leads her teams to ensure buy-in and commitment. Working closely together with the site super, Diane remains actively involved in coordinating the day-to-day project administration while in constant communication with the client ensuring complete transparency both on site and on paper.

Cesare Temi

A veteran builder, Cesare brings a over a generation of construction experience in commercial and retail developments, residential and institutional sectors. With an easy-going attitude, adopting a patient, mentor-like approach, Cesare immediately builds trust and gains sub-trade buy-in to ensure site teams understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities in ensuring a project is efficiently delivered on time and to his expectations.

Donald Latulippe

An experienced Site Super, Don is meticulous and quality centric and runs his site accordingly. With extensive experience in commercial interiors, Donald pushes the schedule to meet milestones without compromising quality all the while enforcing safety and building protocols. From high-rises to retail Don delivers on time and on budget.

Guy Renaud

FiA’s resident service and labour technician, Guy brings a mix of carpentry and finish skills to the team. Leading the small jobs and service department, Guy addresses emergency calls and quick service jobs while lending a hand on site with specialty installations and dedicated service work. With a service- oriented attitude and pride in workmanship, Guy ensures client are happy before he leaves a site.


Robert Machado

A drywall constructor for 17+ years before joining FiA, Robert applies his unique mix of hands-on construction and business acumen to every project.

David Ryall

A PM of 15+ years, David has run national programs for profile clients ensuring programs are effectively managed and stay true to brand.

Allan Cullen

A PM going on 12 years, Allan helps push the site teams, ensures the paper is in place and project specs adhered to. Allen’s strength lies in bring teams together to meet the task at hand.

Josée Bertrand

FiA’ s tag-team PMAs do not miss a beat supporting our PMs in managing the paper-flows between FiA and its sub-trades and between FiA and its Clients.

Sarah Dagg

FiA’ s tag-team PMAs do not miss a beat supporting our PMs in managing the paper-flows between FiA and its sub-trades and between FiA and its Clients.

Katrina Brown

FiA’ s tag-team PMAs do not miss a beat supporting our PMs in managing the paper-flows between FiA and its sub-trades and between FiA and its Clients.


Joumana Awada

As the Office Manager, Joumana manages FiA’s tenants while keeping two service vehicles on the road, coordinating and scheduling service calls for the small projects/service division.

Patrick Clavette

Assisting the estimator, Pat plays a critical role in soliciting trades, coordinating tenders, calculating take-offs and managing tender administration to ensure FiA’s sub-trades put together not only a hard number, but an accurate one as well.
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